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Do contact if your child

(a) 5 month old and does not hold neck.

(b) 10 month old and does not sit without support.

(c) 15 month old and does not stand or walk without  support .

(d) one hand or one leg does not work.

(e) Does not make balance while standing.

(f) Falls down after taking few steps.

(g)Is not developing according to age.

(h) Suffered with cerebral palsy.

(i) Keeps heel up while walking.

(j) Is a person with mental retardation.

(k) Has articulation disorder.(speech is not clear)

(l)Is  Hyperactive.

(m) Has  autistic disorder

(n) Has stiffed muscles.

(o) Keeps legs(lower limbs) in crossed position (scissoring ).

(p)Has any deformity like scoliosis,kyphosis,flat feet.

(q) Has concentration or attention problem.

(r) Is delayed in speech or motor development.

(s) Does not give response when you call him/her.

(t) Does not speak mama or papa.

(u) Did not  cry within two minutes at the time of birth.

(v) Does he/she has problem in sucking milk.

(w) Does he/she swallow food without chewing .

(X) Does not roll over.

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